Photo: Apaar Tuli, 2020


Value shop is an interactive shopping and voting experience at the cross section of design fiction and critical food design. It reflects upon a society where instead of being citizens, we have primarily become consumers, and where complex decisions have collapsed into polarised binaries.

In this shop, the choices made through buying products with opinionated labels also become legal votes in a direct democracy. By making voting just another element of shopping, we free up more time to focus on consumption – the driver of economic growth.

Visitors can explore the Value Shop as an interactive voting experience. Statements on packages present a snapshot of many of our current societal tensions. The black and white packages with simple choices stand in stark contrast to obviously complex underlying issues. The Value Shop highlights where our society might be heading to, and the implications of such a future for the democratic process.

Photo: Apaar Tuli, 2020


Value Shop was a part of the Helsinki Design Week main exhibition at the Olympic stadium11–13.9.2020.


Heidi is a creative director and designer specialised in concepts, food experiences, branding, communication, packaging, research and design education. Currently working as an entrepreneur and a project researcher in Aalto University. Loves old wooden houses and enjoys urban gardening, contemporary dance, nature adventures and travel photography.

Heidi Uppa
Creative / concept designer
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Apaar is a Helsinki based designer with a background in user-centered design, architecture and urban planning. As the lead product designer of Whim, he has been closely involved in designing for the world’s first Mobility as a Service platform. Previously, he has designed a range of products and services at Nokia Design and Microsoft Design studios. Apaar is a passionate traveller, a year-round cyclist and a filmmaker.

Apaar Tuli
Interaction designer